Web Application Development

We create beautiful and functional web products: portals, websites, online stores and others.

Our advantages are that we:
  • use only the recent technologies for websites and apps development.
  • offer expert services in web development.
  • have been working in the IT services industry for more than 10 years.
  • develop complex solutions for desktop and mobile versions of sites.
  • create social networks.
  • arrive at an optimal solutions for content management.

We create attractive and interactive applications due to the accumulated knowledge in the field of programming, animation and design. So our products create a memorable experience for the audience.

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IT Outstaffing

When you need to augment your team – either offsite or onsite – Trust ITIMUM to find the resource that fit the bill without stretching your budget.

As anyone ever involved in the recruitment process knows, the true costs of hiring a new employee go far beyond just a salary expense. Time spent on hiring and then training of personnel, recruiter’s fees, taxes and still there is no guarantee that you have hired the “right” person. The situation becomes even more complicated, if the staff required just on temporary basis. This is where ITIMUM out-staffing services come in.

Using our existent pool of talent and deep knowledge of the market ITIMUM takes out all the hassle and risks out of recruitment processes. Once we have helped you to choose the right specialist we take over responsibilities for day-to-day management, tax issues, relevant document flow always ensuring that qualifications, skills and experience match your project requirements and you never pay more than you have to.

What can ITIMUM out-staffing service offer your business?
  • Finding the right person for the right job – We know the market, we know the people and we take the full responsibility for people that will be working for you
  • Expense Optimization – You don’t need to worry about national insurance, salary and bonuses payment
  • Time Saving – No more interviews, probations and staff training
  • The strictest confidentiality - we sign a non-discloser agreement before any work in undertaken

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Mobile App Development

Do you need enterprise and consumer apps for iOS and Android? We design advanced mobile solutions for business, marketplaces, fitness, communication, social networking and entertainment industries.

For you we will:
  • specialize in mobile clients to web services and web portals
  • develop autonomous mobile applications
  • build end-to-end mobility solutions

Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. We are proficient in mobile web with a specific focus on HTML5 solutions.

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System administration

We offer system administration for the site, which includes a full range of services: from the creation of a new domain, to checking and removing viruses. Therefore, if you have a website, but you do not know how to make it reliable and stable, you can count on our specialists.

Our administration services include:
  • Work with Domains
    To start a new site, you must create and set up a domain. But if you have already rented it and don't want to pay for it twice a year, you can always transfer it. In this case you can rely on us. Domain transfer is quite fast process. Also we will help you customize it or create a new one on our favorable terms.
  • VPS / VDS development and configuration
    The work consists in registration and running a virtual or dedicated server. The specialists will perform all the necessary settings so that you can download as many websites as you want and offer you hosting services.
  • Software installation and configuration
    We offer a software maintenance of servers, installation of software on the platform. We work with all types of operating systems and service programs, so we can create a reliable workstation on any platform.
  • Monitoring of server load
    One of the most important indicators of the site is the server load. Our specialists offer a full monitoring of all parameters so that you are aware of all the changes with your portal.
  • Viruses, verification and removal
    We provide a full range of anti-virus protection services from virus attacks and various hacker programs to save all your data and website visitors. With us you will always be confident and calm. We regularly scan all databases and remove virus programs and their tracks if needed.

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Startup Consulting

The ability to pursue rapid, profitable growth is essential to startup or spin-off businesses. ITIMUM understands that as a startup or spin-off business, you probably have little or no IT capability and need IT systems to operate with low initial costs.

You also want to make sure that the demanding business objectives are not hampered by IT and that the system is reliable and flexible to support the business as it grows.

We offer the following advantages to you as Startup to help fulfill desired business outcomes:
  • Strategic advice on IT aspects of your business plan
  • Provision, selection and sourcing of:
    • Business applications
    • Software
    • IT support and IT managed services
  • Service of installing and configuring hosting and virtual solutions
  • Consultative input to address business issues with IT solutions

We help startups get off the ground!

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eCommerce and Online Payments

We know how to deliver the right solution for your specific situation

Online business has augmented the rise of huge online transaction taking place every second all over the world. Feasible and ingenious, we offer you a wide array of high-end ecommerce solutions. One of the conspicuous features of our e-commerce solutions is that we try to give utmost attention to the every detail either furnished by the clients or analyzed by our technology experts.

For you we will:
  • create a clear design with a user-oriented, high-quality, intuitive interface.
  • implement a rich choice of options for the convenience of visitors for your website.
  • select high-quality images and accurate product descriptions.
  • integrate m-commerce capabilities.
  • ensure the constant updating of the website taking into account the latest technologies and trends.

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